Centre for Academic Excellence

To promote excellence in academic persuits, students can apply for financial support for participating in and presenting papers in Seminars/Workshops/Training Programmes /Debate/Youth Leadership Programmes and Participation in the Field Trips/Industrial Visits / Educational Visits at local, national and international level.

Procedure for dealing with applications for Financial Assistance under ‘CENTRE FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE’

1. Application (Format A) should be submitted with the Dealing Assistant at the Administrative Office.

2. Application should be entered in a Prescribed Register by the DA (Format B). A Registration Number will be given by the D.A. to the applicant.

3. DA will verify the eligibility of the applicant from his/her Ledger Account, ensure that relevant documents are submitted, and that the documents are complete in all respects. The AO/SO Admin will verify the facts and countersign the application. In case documents are incomplete or applicant is not eligible his/her application should be returned citing reason (Format F).

4. All papers complete in all respects will be forwarded to the PO with a summary in a prescribed format (Format C) once in every three months (30th Sept, 31st Dec., 31st March and 30th June) or even earlier in case more than 10 applications are received before three months.

5. The PO will make arrangement for convening the meeting of the Committee for formalizing the approval and disposal of applications.

6. After the approval of the Committee the papers will be send to the Administration for recording in Ledger for Programme-wise-Assistance (Format E).

7. After recording in register the Administrative Office will send Applications to the Accounts Office for releasing Financial Assistance to the beneficiary. The Administration will inform the beneficiary that the Financial Assistance has been granted, and for reimbursement he/she may contact to the Accounts office. In case Financial Assistance has been disapproved the information for the same should be send to the applicant citing reasons, if given by the Committee (Format G). This should be done through emails or notices also.

8. Accounts Section will maintain a register for Reimbursement Date-wise & Account- wise.

9. The applications approved under the scheme shall be audited by internal auditor.