National Centre of Corporate Governance

Shri Ram College of Commerce has been accorded the status of ‘National Centre of Corporate Governance’ by the NFCG, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Since its inception in 2012, the Centre has organised a series of events/programmes starting with International Conference on Corporate Governance in New Delhi in 2012, Asian Corporate Governance Conference in Bangkok in 2013 and Global Business Sustainability Conference in 2014 in Michigan, USA.

The Centre has also successfully completed a research project on ‘Corporate Governance Practices in Asia’ under the sponsorship of the NFCG. This project has extensive information from several business centres in East Asia including Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.

The Centre proposes to organise an International Conference on the theme of ‘Startups, Family Enterprises and Corporate Governance’ in the year 2016 in partnership with foreign universities/institutions.

The Convener of the Centre is Dr. Anil Kumar.