SRCC specializes in Commerce and Economics education. It offers two courses at undergraduate level – Bachelor of Commerce with Honours and Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honours and three courses at post graduate level – Masters in Commerce, Masters in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations.

SRCC has seven academic departments with over 110 faculty members.

The Commerce Department is the largest department amongst all the colleges of the University of Delhi with over 80 faculty members specializing in multiple areas of the discipline with a concrete and expanding body of research work.

The Economics Department runs the prestigious Honours course in Economics nurturing in its students a keen sense of relating their subject to life.

The Mathematics Department caters to courses specializing in Mathematical sciences giving students a holistic understanding of its relevance and relationship with their chosen subject.

The Hindi Department endeavours to inculcate an appreciation of Hindi language and literature and its relevance for cultural development of students. It emphasizes practical skills like communication.

The English Department offers courses in Communication facilitating a holistic development of critical faculties to enable the students to understand, articulate and communicate ideas effectively.

The Political Science Department mentors its students in multiple facets of political theory to inculcate a comprehensive understanding of political systems and their link with Commerce and Economics.

The Computer Science Department ably manages the information and technological requirements of courses in computers offered to the students. 


Departments’ Teachers In-charge


Teacher In-charge


Dr. Tarun Manjhi


Ms. Priyanka Bhatia


Mr. Shailesh Kumar Chawla


Dr. J.K. Thukral


Dr. Ravi Sharma

Political Science

Mr.Linesh V.V.

Computer Science

Mr. Vikas Madan

Sports & Physical Education

Dr. Kuljeet Kaur