Chairman's Message

Shri Ram College of Commerce has a history of setting standards in quality creation and sustenance, be it in the academic excellence, sports or cultural performance.

The College has grown in stature over the years and remains the most sought after institution dedicated to Commerce and Economics education in the country.

The College has a vision of integrating innovative ways of teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities, research and student development in its pursuit of nation building. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell would further promote the central vision of the College in its path to becoming a 'College of Global Choice'. We welcome you to join us and build mutually beneficial ties for growth and development.

Mr. Ajay S Shriram

Chairman, Governing Body


Principal's Note

SRCC throughout its glorious history has played a pivotal role in the field of Commerce and Economics education. Our NAAC rating reflects the technology based integrated and inclusive education the college provides in a disciplined, dynamic, vibrant and hygienic environment. We try to nurture our students with active emphasis on all three aspects of integrated and holistic education e.g. physical, intellectual and value education.

Our College is valued for its academic rigor, in particular the delivery of contents which is student centric and research oriented. We promote continuous engagement between college and industry to produce industry oriented graduates. In this setting, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell will be the catalyst for further accelerating the growth of the institution in future. We seek active participation of stakeholders in this regard for the betterment and progress of the College.

Prof. Simrit Kaur


Chairperson, IQAC SRCC


Coordinator's Message

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Shri Ram College has been formed with the vision to channelize the efforts and measures of the Institution towards academic excellence and progress. Envisioned as an embedded function of the College, the IQAC harnesses synergies from all its constituent units viz. the stakeholders of the College. As a part of its mandate of developing an all-encompassing quality culture in the College, the IQAC plays a greater role in congregating the institutional effort for quality. We hope your feedback and suggestions will help IQAC develop further in its endeavour of creation, sustenance and enhancement of quality in the College.

Prof. Aruna Jha


Coordinator, IQAC SRCC