Centre for Community Engagement (CCE)

Vittshala-The Financial Literacy Cell

Centre for Community Engagement (CCE) of SRCC aims to strengthen and expand communication and partnership with government agencies, private sector enterprises, civil society organisations, professional bodies and academic networks. Its major objectives include strengthening and expanding community education and training across India. Vittshala is a Centre For Community Engagement (CCE) initiative, aimed at making communities equipped enough to manage financial resources effectively through community engagement, workshops, seminars, and discussions. Founded by a group of motivated teachers and students, the Cell wants to create an impact through its well-planned, community-oriented projects. Vittshala envisions a nation where every individual is financially literate and is empowered to act as a catalyst for economic growth. Vittshala acts as a multi-faceted programme involving peer-counseling, spread of financial literacy, developing interactive apps and events to promote financial literacy with respect to:

  • Basics of Financial Planning
  • Channelisation of savings
  • Investments
  • Banking and Insurance services
  • Opening and operating of bank accounts
  • Related Government schemes


Launching of Vittshala

Vittshala was launched on Monday, October 17, 2016 by the Hon. Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley from his office in the North Block. Unveiling the logo of Vittshala, emphasized on the role of educational institutions in achieving financial inclusion. He also released a brochure containing a vivid presentation of different activities under Vittshala’s ambit. A short video film produced by Ms. Richa Goel,Assistant Professor,SRCC vividly depicting 'Vittshala' was also shown on the occasion.

Present on this occasion was also the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi, Prof. Yogesh Tyagi who commended the innovative efforts of SRCC in reaching out to vast sections of the society by means of financial literacy.

Mr. Ajay S. Shriram, Chairman of the college and CMD of DCM Shriram Ltd also expressed his views on the occasion congratulating the teachers and students of SRCC in carrying financial education as a social outreach programme.

Projects under Vittshala

Vittshala, in its initial phase, has undertaken the following projects:

Project Khushhali

With an aim to reach out to the grassroots level, Vittshala will directly work with villagers under Project Khushhali. Nearly 70% of the Indian population houses in villages and spreading financial awareness to such a large population becomes extremely crucial. Initially, Vittshala plans to engage with the residents of Basaoudi village in Sonipat district of Haryana. The Cell aims to provide the villagers a glimpse into the financial world and help them improve their understanding in various aspects related to microfinance and banking.

Project Sashakt

Project Sashakt is an attempt to empower the urban slum dwellers, so that they become proficient enough to manage their finances. Although they reside in urban areas, they have not been able to attain a satisfactory livelihood, in accordance with the dynamics of these places. We intend to target Razapur slum near Rohini and Shakti Nagar Ext-T slum near North Campus, where we aspire to substantially reduce the information gap that prevails in these clusters with regard to banking and insurance services.

Project Samarth

With an objective to gradually encompass all those devoid of financial knowledge, Project Samarth shall focus on Rickshaw pullers around the North Campus. Due to lack of knowledge with respect to aligning their expenditure and savings with their long-term goals, the Rickshaw pullers are unable to plan their finances well. Vittshala aims to enable them in making informed choices to sustain themselves.

Project Utthaan

Vittshala, under its Project Utthaan, plans to choose Kamla Nagar as the buzzing market to study and improve the financial literacy of the street vendors. Vittshala will be addressing matters relating to utilization of Government schemes and availability of facilities such as bank deposits, loans, ATMs and insurance. The aim of Utthaan is to facilitate the development of these vendors into a group of financially aware and competent members of the society.

Organization Structure

Under the leadership of Shri Ajay S. Shriram, the Chairman of the Governing Body of SRCC, and Dr. R.P. Rustagi, the Principal of SRCC, this initiative operates with a team of faculty members, headed by Dr. Anil Kumar and student interns. Mentored by around fifteen faculty members, the projects are managed by a diverse team of students across all the three years of undergraduate education.

The team is dedicated to contribute towards national inclusive growth, by building financially capable citizens through its projects.

Dr Anil Kumar

Convener, Financial Literacy Cell and Associate Professor

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

email: [email protected]

Contact No: 9810857745