Computer and Mathematics Society

Dr.Pushp Lata Jain (On leave) Faculty Advisor Mathematics
Aman Garg Secretary  
Ankit Singh Joint Secretary  

Events and Activities

On October 09, 2015, Mr. Sashank Prabhu, a CAT 100 percentile scorer, shared his experience with the students.

On October 29, 2015, Tarun Lahoti, a fresher member, conducted a session on Vedic maths.

A Photoshop Session was held on October 30, 2015.

Tarun Singh & Arpit Chauhan won the 1st Position at the Mathematics Quiz, Miranda House.


Enigma, the annual festival was held from February 08-10, 2016.Among the events conducted by the society were Kill Deal- a bidding and auction even; Tech Tracker-an event involving tracking by cracking mathematical riddles; Technoplan- presentation of a complete business plan; Challenge Accepted-an event wherein participants are challenged on a variety of mathematical questions and made to solve them; Num Tech Tambola- based on simple rules of Tambola, the event is about solving maths questions and playing and Go Carding- based on the rules of poker and played the same way.