Counselling Services

Your well-being has constantly been our priority. In these uncertain times, it is more crucial than ever. We reinstate that College Counseling Services in association with your emotional wellness coach - YourDOST, extend these services to all the students and staff of college free of cost and stands committed, to guide you in dealing with anything that may be keeping you from being your better self.

You can seek professional support from Experts with complete confidentiality, anonymity and privacy via

Online chat sessions at

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Booking an appointment for Telephonic or Video sessions at

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In case you've been meeting with your Visiting Experts, Ms Annuradha Rakesh, Mr. Naveen Kumar and Mr. Aditya Sisodia, you can also book appointments with them for Telephonic or Video sessions at

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Remember, we are here with you and we will together emerge stronger through this.

Take care and stay safe.


Principal, SRCC