The IQAC at Shri Ram College of Commerce undertakes various engagement and developmental activities in pursuance of its vision of all round excellence in the Institution. These activities include:

Semi-Annual Meeting with stakeholders

In order to build a holistic quality culture in the College and to engage all its constituent units in the process of quality creation, sustenance and enhancement, the IQAC organizes periodical semi-annual meeting with the stakeholders of the College. These meetings facilitate the multidimensional democratic flow of communication and sustain the coordination efforts of the IQAC.

The IQAC held a semi-annual meeting with the faculty of the College with the goal of improving faculty engagement into the quality process. The faculty members were addressed by the Principal Dr. R. P. Rustagi who stressed upon the need of quality in institutions of higher education such as SRCC and the role of faculty members in developing and promoting quality as an integral function of the College. Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC highlighted the role of IQAC in developing quality oriented initiatives in the College with the various ways the faculty contributes in such initiatives. The meeting concluded with an address by Mr. S. K. Aggarwal, Senior most faculty, Commerce department on the important role faculty members play in shaping the institutional framework and the need for greater faculty engagement in the further progress of the College towards its vision.

  • Semi annual meeting with Faculty members

The IQAC organized a semi-annual meeting with members of the non-teaching staff viz., the Accounts Office, the Administration Office, the Computer Centre, the Principal's Office, the Hostel Administration and the Library. Dr. R. P. Rustagi, Principal, SRCC emphasized the vital role played by the non-teaching staff in the smooth functioning of the College and the development of quality in the administrative aspects of the College. Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC applauded the initiatives taken by the non-teaching staff to develop student centric systems and discussed ways to have greater engagement in the quality process of the College.

  • Semi-Annual meeting with Non-Teaching Staff members

To directly include and engage students into the process of quality sustenance and enhancement in the College, the IQAC organized a semi -annual meeting with students of the College. In the meeting, students were addressed by Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC on the vision, mission, goals and functions of the Cell. The students were also apprised of the initiatives taken by the Cell to develop a sustainable quality framework in the College. The meeting concluded with a detailed interaction where the students came up with suggestions in various areas they could contribute for development of quality in the college.

  • Semi Annual meeting with Students


Recognizing the need for constant development and stimulation in academic and nonacademic areas of the College, the IQAC organizes periodic workshops/symposia for various constituents of the College. The initiative focuses on capacity building and overall human resource development in the College and aims at constant improvement in the quality of various aspects of the College.

  • Workshop on Enhancement of Quality in Teaching and Research

The IQAC organized a workshop on the topic “Enhancement of Quality in Teaching and Research” for the faculty members at the College Seminar Hall. Professor Madhu Vij from Faculty of Management Studies and Mr. Amit Sachdeva, Associate Professor from Shri Ram College of Commerce were the resource persons for the workshop. The workshop was organised with the objective of innovation in teaching and research methodologies. Mr. Amit Sachdeva explained how the present challenges mandate teaching to be more pragmatic, illustrative, innovative and effectively differentiated from the content available both online and offline. Professor Madhu Vij elaborated on the Case Study methodology employed for as a research instrument all around the Globe. The workshop was interactive and had a great participation from the audience. The workshop concluded by the distribution of saplings to the distinguished speakers by Dr. R.P. Rustagi, Principal, SRCC and Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC.

  • Symposium on Quality in work and service delivery

With the aim of building awareness among the non-teaching staff about the importance and need for quality in the administration, the IQAC organized a workshop on the topic “Quality in Work and Service Delivery” in the seminar hall for the non- teaching staff of Shri Ram College of Commerce. The workshop was convened by Mr. Shivnandan, Senior P.A. to the Principal involved who also conducted the technical session of the workshop by engaging the participants in quality oriented discussions. Mr. Jatin Lamba, AO(Admin), Mr. P. K. Jain, AO (Accounts), Mr. Sandeep Nandwani, Library and Ms. Neha Sharma, Computer Centre made presentations on their areas of administration and highlighted the various ways their work would reflect the organizational quality. The seminar was an innovation in the engagement of non-teaching staff in the quality process where the various non-administrative constituents brainstormed about Quality and its significance at the workplace. Various functional units like the Accounts Office, the Administration Office, the Computer Centre, the Principal's Office, the Hostel Administration and the Library presented their views on Quality. Suggestions were invited from the participants and the event concluded with the prize distribution to the best suggestions, by Dr. R.P. Rustagi, Principal, SRCC, and Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC.

  • Workshop on Qualitative Research

To expand the quality profile of research in the College and explore new avenues of research, the IQAC organised a workshop on Qualitative Research for the faculty members of the College. The resource person for the workshop was Prof. R. K. Singh, Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Delhi. The workshop focused on capacity building in research and broadening the thought, perspective and existing framework of research methods used by faculty members. Dr. R. P.Rustagi, Principal, SRCC initiated the workshop with a brief note on the importance of research which was followed by a short address by Dr. Santosh Kumar, Editor, Business Analyst on the issues of modern research and introduction to qualitative research. After the address, Prof R. K. Singh formally conducted the session explaining the nature of qualitative research and the various philosophies and ideas employed in it. Prof R. K. Singh engaged the participants in the workshop in a narrative journey through the evolution, uses and fundamentals of qualitative research. After, the session, the participants engaged in a short interaction with Prof R. K. Singh to explore further the concept of qualitative research. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Rachna Jawa, Coordinator, IQAC.