Incubation Program

The CIIE is a student-led centre comprising of SRCC faculty, alumni, industry experts and like-minded organizations to build an ecosystem of synergised efforts towards entrepreneurial and business initiatives. 

CIIE aims to create an environment that promotes and stimulates the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of the college. It believes that ideas initiated by the students backed with sound business acumen and right guidance from professors, mentors and industry experts can pave the way for successful transition of start-ups to established businesses.

It aims to provide necessary facilities for start-ups ranging from mentoring, fundraising to technological support. CIIE has established a comprehensive network of organisations to help incubate the start-ups with operational execution, market research, idea validation, financial and legal advisory, marketing services and overall business development. It is in the process of developing a network comprising of SRCC alumni, prominent angel investors and venture capital firms to provide the start-ups with essential financial support.